THERE IS HOPE – Mission 2020


There is hope!

Life asks big questions. ‘Will things get better? What are we doing here? And why does it end so suddenly?’ We hear the messages of advertisers, religion, ideology and personal opinion. We may do the best we can to put a positive spin on things. After all, there is no point moping around but we are still left wondering ‘Is this it?’

Mission 2020 is her to declare, ‘There is hope’. There is hope beyond the confusion, the shouting and this life.

Mission 2020 is a combination of Anglican Churches in the North West, including Cherrybrook Anglican. During April 2020 there will be a series of talks at various North West locations. 8th, 9th and 10th April we will be meeting at the Castle Hill Showground. Dr Sam Chan will be the main speaker and he will explain this hope as simply and clutter free as he can. On Easter Sunday, we will be meeting at Bella Vista Farm for a combined Easter service.

Can you help? It takes money to set up tents, sound systems etc. We are looking to believers in the North West to help. Simply buy seats for your self and one other for $80. One plus One = $80. Or if you want, buy more.

Of course everyone will be welcome to as many events as they want. There will be no tickets required. This is just a way of local believers supporting this great initiative. Can you come on board?

Simply go to the following to make your contribution. Remember to indicate that you are from Cherrybrook Anglican.