Small group ministries are an essential part of the mission of Cherrybrook Anglican Church (CAC) and exist to enable people to receive Christ as Lord, to live with Christ as Lord and to witness to Christ as Lord.

The essential activities of our small groups are prayer, teaching and proclaiming God’s word among the unchurched of our local community and beyond, and the building of community within our church. They provide opportunity for more personal contact with each other than is possible in the larger, public Sunday meetings.

CAC is firmly committed to nurturing and growing the small groups in our church:

  • We encourage all members of our church to belong to a small group.
  • We commit the best resources of our church to ensuring the effectiveness of our small group ministries.
  • We encourage our groups to follow the sermon series.
  • We encourage all small groups to be intentional in praying for, planning and participating in the church’s outreach program.
  • We encourage small groups to pursue strategies to grow and multiply as a key element in our outreach strategy.
  • We encourage our small groups to contribute to the wider congregational life of our church.
  • We regularly celebrate the contribution of our small groups to the mission of our church.


We have a number of groups meeting on different days and times during the week. Some groups are single sex whilst others are mixed. We are sure we can find a group suitable for you and your needs.