… to nurture those new to the faith, helping them to understand fundamental Biblical truths.

… to teach and encourage those more established in the faith. We do these things so that people will grow to be more Christlike and mission minded in thought, word and deed.

… to recognise that God gives gifts to all his people and seek to encourage people to use these gifts in his service.

… to love and care for each other, with the understanding that people participate in relationships in all areas of life – in the home, work, church and the wider world.

… to remain a church in the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, upholding the authority of Scripture, confessing the 39 Articles, holding to the principles and doctrine of the book of Common Prayer and taking our part in its life, privileges and responsibilities.

… to join in the taking of the gospel into all the world through mission links within our community, our country, and our world.


The Bible is the central and final authority in the life of our church.

Prayer is essential to our church and its ministries.

People, not programs, are the focus – to bring them to Christ and maturity in Him.

We are concerned for the wider world mission and are not to be just inward looking.

New ministries will only commence as God provides people with appropriate gifts and commitment to that ministry and to our church.

Our services and all ministries are structured to be accessible to un-churched people as well as nurturing and challenging to Christians.

The two main priorities for using money are meeting financial obligations and reaching the un-churched.

Every ministry will be evaluated by the end of each church year by the pastor and parish council, for conformity with these principles and progress towards goals.